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We are a drone rental company based in Istanbul, Turkey. We can arrange all your production needs, permissions as a fixer in Turkey. Our founder is a old tour guide and also knows very well filming procedures. Since 2015, we give services around all of Turkey for drone filming, equipment needs, local crews etc.

You can find details about our story, our prominent R&D studies, social responsibility projects, our different sides, equipment and drone rental service in Turkiye on this page.

There are thousands of photos we want to share with you. While preparing this article, we chose a few photos we took while renting a drone at the Konya Fimak factory, Saray Muhallebicisi commercial film, and Bursa Iznik documentary shooting.

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Our Story

Our founder Yıldıray met the DJI brand drone alongside a foreign team from France while he was serving as a mentor for the documentary filming in Kaçkar Mountains in July 2012. Our founder, who actively supported filmmakers who came to Turkey from abroad at that time, started researches on drone rental and in 2013 we are in the Air! became one of the first companies to enter the sector with its brand. We recommend using the latest technology drone rental equipment and we always keep up with new technology.

Our company, which has been providing drone rental services to hundreds of domestic and foreign customers since 2013, has been involved in R&D studies in addition to aerial shooting service. also focused.

Our Featured Drone Rental R&D Studies


    • Vertical coverage tests with drone before the construction of Osmangazi Bridge, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge
    • Base station positioning studies with the help of drone in mountainous and hard-to-reach areas in Erzurum and Ağrı (Measurement of how many meters the base stations receive health signals)

Omsan Logistics

    • We ensured area security in the large parking lot with drones that provide autonomous flight at certain periods. If the drone sees a moving object, we have notified the center.
    • We detected the speed rule violation with a drone in the speed-limited area.
    • We provided the process of counting vehicles, determining the location of the vehicle and taking pictures of the vehicles in large parking areas with NFC and QR codes.
    • We ensured the detection of vehicles that do not park in the exit direction of a certain area in the parking areas and that are parked in violation of the ISG rules.

Our Drone Rental Social Responsibility Projects

No matter how busy we are in this process, we have always given importance to social responsibility projects and we continue to do so.

  • Istanbul University Business Club Advertising and marketing summit promotional film and drone rental service
  • Drone rental service in the promotion of Isparta Şarkikaraağaç village
  • Balıkesir Ayvalık promotional films, drone shooting support
  • Kocaeli Darıca 60th Year Middle School 18 March choreography drone rental support
  • Kocaeli Darıca Deniz Yıldızları Primary School 10 November shooting with drone
  • Controls of dams after big 2023 Turkey earhquake

Our Customers Receiving Drone Rental Service in Turkiye

We would like to thank our valued customers for choosing us again. Thanks to you, we have grown and provided drone rental service in the most professional way. We are happy to see our new customers among us.

What Makes Us Different in Drone Rental Service?

First of all, we love to provide services in the direction of drone rental. Due to our job, we travel 40,000 km or more each year in Turkey and each of these journeys has been a different adventure and experience for us. We met many new people and made friendships. He always starts working with the excitement of a new drone rental project and our goal is to complete the project as soon as possible and proceed smoothly.

Since 2017, we have become more accustomed to mobile life and started to serve in caravans. In this way, we move faster, we prefer caravans to accommodation in hotels. We named ad agency "Vanlife Digital Agency - Based in middle of the earth" that we established in 2020.

We carry out the necessary permitting procedures for drone rental service and pay great attention to guiding you in this regard.

We aim to be active in all communication channels. No matter what time it is or wherever we are, you can easily reach any of our team through the customer communication line of the drone rental service +90212 909 99 71.

Our Drone Rental Equipment and advice

While we used to use large drones such as DJI S800, DJI Matrice 100, DJI Matrice 600 Pro very actively in the past, nowadays, with the development of technology, we have started to use DJI Inspire 2 x5s and DJI Mavic 2 pro in many projects instead of large-scale drones. We only use drones that are more difficult to use and require serious responsibility, such as the DJI Matrice 600 pro in special projects. If we are not shooting for night shots or commercials, we generally prefer the DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone model. You can call us on +90 543 224 49 51 to rent a Dji Mavic 3 drone.

While we are preparing this article, DJI has announced its new model, the DJI Air 2 s. We will be announcing this model among our equipment as soon as possible.

13.07.2023 Equipment Update

We have Dji air 2s, Dji Mavic 3 Classic, DJI Mavic 3 Cine, DJI Inspire 2 x7, DJI FPV, DJI Avata and all other new tech drones. You can rent drones in our Istanbul office with operator.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Hasselblad is one of the drones that we mainly use for drone shooting with its camera, sensor and shooting quality.

Dji Inspire 2 Zenmuse x7 Camera

It is the drone set we use in commercials with its interchangeable lenses, dual operator use and superior image quality.

DJI Inspire 2x5s

With Prores Raw shooting quality, raw video capture provides great convenience in post-production. It is the drone set that we use in blue hour and night shots, high-level shots.

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