Havadayız! Aerial Shooting Service In Turkiye

Havadayız! Our brands name is turkish. It means, we are on the fly. In Turkey, all production companies know our brand well about drone rental services.

We have been using drone technology, which we met in 2012, with great enthusiasm and we are renewing ourselves to reach the best in our aerial photography service.

We provide drone rental and aerial photography services all over Turkey with our experienced drone operators and up-to-date equipment. You can rent drone in Turkey like DJI Mavic 3 cine, DJI Inspire 2, DJI Avata FPV drone with us. We can also give you service like fixer in Turkey for all kind of needs. Don't hesitate to contact us.

Drone Operators In Turkey

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About Our Aerial Shooting Service

We have realized more than a hundred aerial projects in every corner of Turkey. Since the day we started, we have been constantly thinking, researching and developing. We never wanted to stand still, thanks to our development-oriented and innovative aspect, we were able to show our difference in aerial photography very easily. We draw strength from our references for all needs in every subject for the projects we will realize. We can easily say that we are one of the leading companies in the construction sector, especially in aerial photography. Civil aviation G.M. and we follow the validity of the certificates we receive from the manufacturers and we follow all the trainings with precision. We are constantly maintaining and checking our aerial shooting equipment.

We implement not only aerial photography, but also all efficient projects that technology allows in this field.

  • We are carrying out "drone efficiency measurement" studies with nir cameras in agriculture.
  • We do "drone land exploration studies" in the mining industry.
  • With the help of drones, we carry out serious projects in the field of orthophoto and photogrammetry.
  • To detect the damage done by the pests in our forests, drone rental with our special service We use methods.
  • Due to our social responsibility policy, we offer free service to search and rescue operations with our long-range (8 KM) unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • We provide free support for aerial filming in the work of radio, TV and cinema students.
  • We perform vertical coverage tests for operators such as Turcell and Vodafone quickly and smoothly with drones, using specially developed methods.

We would love to work with you on new projects in aerial photography. You can call us at +90543 224 49 51 whenever you want to get information about our aerial photography fees.

Aerial Videos

We have traveled thousands of kilometers and left hundreds of references behind. With each passing day, we continue our way stronger with our new customers.

You can access over 400 aerial videos on our youtube channel. We have different references especially in the field of construction. We cannot publish some drone footage due to our confidentiality agreements.

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