Architectural Photo Shoot

Architectural photography involves much more discipline and technique than street photography, nature landscape, portrait photography.

In order to reflect the warmth of a small apartment and to show all the details of a magnificent mansion, you must master the right equipment and technique. At this point, we also provide services in the field of architectural photography with our experience in the construction and real estate sectors.

Examples of our photo shoots

How Do We Take Architectural Photography?

The most widely used method in architectural photography is to overlap different exposures in post-production. HDR (High Dynamic Range), as it is now known, is the method we use with DSLR cameras to capture the high dynamic range. We usually work with images taken with 3 or 5 different exposure values depending on the light situation. To do this, you need a good trip that doesn't stretch. We prefer Benro as a brand for tripods.

The most common problem in interior architectural shots is to show the outside of the window without the light entering from the outside and darkening the interior. At this point, fill flashes, constant continuous lights come into play. If artificial light is in the work, it means there is shadow, you should control the light correctly. We prefer the Godox brand for light.

Benro Tripod, Fujifilm XT4 DSLR Camera, 16-55mm F2.8 Lens

Technical Knowledge is Important in Architectural Photography

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