Underwater Drone Shooting

Underwater Drone Shooting

What is 100 meters under the sea, can divers dive this deep?

Even if it can dive, underwater is always full of risks, we can now collect more data than divers can with underwater drones without risking human life.

Drone is actually the general name of devices that can be controlled with a remote control and have useful functions. When it comes to drones in Turkey, devices with cameras that are flown in the category of multirotor come to mind. Drones are used not only in the air, but also on land and especially under water. Underwater drones are not common in Turkey, but we believe that their area of use will expand in the coming years.

As a result of our R&D studies, we decided to work on underwater drones. With our underwater drones, which we can reach to a depth of 100 meters, we provide service with a light infrastructure of 4,000 lumens and above, 4k 30 fps video, 20 MP photo quality. We use drones with high mobility such as Chasing Gladius M2, DTG3 Rov.

What Can We Do With Underwater Drones?

  • We examine the propeller, rudder and underside of ships at shipyards.
  • We can instantly watch from the surface, on large screens, whether the ship is sitting on the wedges, which is done by divers during docking operations in the shipyards.
  • We check underwater pipelines.
  • We are doing supportive work in search and rescue activities.
  • We can collect samples underwater.
  • We can measure the water temperature under the sea and show the water temperature changes.
  • We can do control work on dams.
  • We can conduct inspections on the undersea parts of bridges.

What we can do is not limited to these, we continue our development work.

You can contact us at 05432244951 to get information about our underwater drone imaging services.

You can get information on our offer form to request not only underwater drone shooting, but also aerial shooting.