Virtual tour

It is one of the most effective and newest visual promotion methods that allows visitors to perceive the visited place by looking 360 degrees (right-left, down-up) and gives the feeling of being in that place. There is a photo quality that is not in the video, there is a movement ability that is not in the photo. You can give a feeling of freedom that video images cannot. It is a fully interactive application. You determine the direction you will go, you can get closer or further away if you wish. Due to its depth, you can create a sense of reality that photography cannot give.

Tv, bilgisayar ekranı kağıt vs üzerindeki çizimler genel olarak yalnızca iki boyutu içerir. Bu boyutlar uzunluk ve genişliktir. 2 boyutta gerçekliği tam olarak yansıtamaz. Ancak “3 boyut” dediğimiz şeyde bu iki boyuta bir 3. boyut daha eklenir.

If we can see and show objects with their length, width and depth, then we can talk about 3 dimensions. Reality is then easier to represent. With the 3D Panorama service, you can reach a large number of customers on the internet in a very fast and impressive way, more economically. While your processing space remains open at certain times of the day, you enable them to visit your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with panoramic views. Even if you are a 24-hour business, panoramic application destroys distances. Your potential customers can visit your business, even if they are in a different district, city, or even in a different country, without leaving their homes or offices.

Below you can find some of the virtual tour works.

Mesa Koz Sample Flat Virtual Tour

Tahincioğlu Nidapark Küçükyalı Model Flat Virtual Tour

DCM Mold Factory Virtual Tour Shooting

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