Wedding Story

We want to continue the success we have achieved within the scope of aerial photography, promotional film, with exciting projects such as Wedding Story, each moment special and full of joy.

We know that in this period when you are stepping into a new life, you have to choose and compare something among many alternatives. For this reason, we have prepared as simple sample wedding story packages as possible for you to give an idea. We are open to any idea you have in mind. We turn your wedding story film into a visual feast by including aerial shooting plans in all our wedding story works.

We do not make albums with measurements from photo frames, and we do not recommend you to spare your budget for these printing products. Our priority is to present you an unforgettable movie starring you, and we give you a digital story that you can reach anytime, anywhere.

Our Wedding Story Packages

Full Package Plain Package
Preparation Stages at the Hairdresser Preparation Stages at the Hairdresser
Aerial Vehicle Tracking Aerial Vehicle Tracking
In-Vehicle Shots In-Vehicle Shots
Aerial and standard outdoor shooting in a lake, seaside, bridge or forest area Aerial and standard outdoor shooting in a lake, seaside, bridge or forest area
Special lyrics, compositions and recordings by conservatory students just for you The type of music you choose or recommend
Professional Post-Production Standard Post-Production
4 Person Professional Team 3 Person Professional Team
Take a shot when you least expect it at your workplace, work environment or in traffic Delivery with Printed DVD
Indoor and outdoor shoots at the bride’s home X
Aerial shooting at wedding dance and special moments (Outdoor, country) X
Printed DVD Delivery, Social Media Sharing, Social Media Support X
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 * We are committed to keeping your wedding story in our archive for at least 3 years and delivering it back to you within 3 working days whenever you want. 


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