DJI Matrice 600 Pro Test Video

Before shooting, we are testing the Matrice 600 Pro in Çanakkale Biga.
Havadayız! Havadan Çekim, Drone Kiralama Hakkımızda Sayfası Kartvizit Görseli

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About Havadayiz?

“Havadayiz!” on aerial shots with the idea of aerial viewing of the projects we contributed to as we planned in 2015. We started our work with our brand. Apart from the projects we are only interested in, we also aim to take part in tourism, construction, organization and private works.

When we come to 2021, we have completed more than 700 projects in the field of aerial photography and drone rental throughout Turkey, as we aimed. The innovations we have brought in the use of drones in the construction industry have provided great benefits in the follow-up, reporting, presentation and marketing of the project process. With the infrastructure we developed in 2020, we presented a new application where we can place the model of the 3D construction project, which describes the location in detail, as in the example of Milas Başkaköy. We continue to develop our 360 virtual tour applications from the air with each new project.

We provide the highest quality service in this field with our ongoing R&D studies, the adequacy of our technical equipment and our experienced pilots. We offer a complete solution with our professional assembly applications after shooting. We have all the editing and video editing programs in the industry such as final cut pro, Adobe premiere pro, Davinci resolve. Since we offer video editing service with our own team, we can serve you with more affordable budgets.

Our Principles

  • Customer Focus,
  • Perceiving customer expectations completely, taking these expectations as a basis in our work,
  • To produce professional solutions,
  • To adopt a modern understanding that is open to development,
  • Doing our job right the first time,
  • Carrying all the colors of technology

Our Mission

To be a drone technologies company that will increase the savings, comfort, speed, safety and quality service delivery processes of our users, create added value for our customers, and produce quality, advanced solutions and projects.

Our Vission

To be a global brand in all colors of technology.

Our Behind the Scenes

Promotion and Presentation

As Havadayiz team, company officials are contacted and detailed information is provided about our company and services.

During the presentation, our product ranges, projects carried out by our company, R&D studies etc. were presented to the authorities by our experienced staff. brief information is given.


During the negotiations, customer expectations are analyzed in the best way and their needs are determined. According to these determinations, optimum solutions that will meet their needs are presented for evaluation. As a result of mutual consultations, the most suitable equipment and shooting method to be used are determined with the guidance of our company officials.


As a result of the meeting, a detailed price study is made by considering the equipment and shooting method and conditions agreed by the sales and marketing department. The determined prices are added to the bid file and delivered to the company.

Acceptance and Agreement

The detailed proposal file prepared for the project is examined by the customer. If necessary, changes/corrections etc. related to prices and/or contract terms. makes. The contract is signed as a result of the agreed terms.

Project management

Within the scope of the signed contract, the Airborne team takes the necessary steps and performs reconnaissance in the region or facility. Suitable weather conditions, emergency points are determined. Recording is carried out with a minimum of 2 professional shooting teams, within the appropriate conditions, on the specified day and time.

Project Termination

The shots made in accordance with the contract are examined in detail by the montage team, mounted in a way to get maximum efficiency and delivered to the customer in the desired format.

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