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Corporate Promotional Film Shooting

In your corporate promotional films, we do detailed preliminary work to highlight your entire workflow and the message you want to emphasize. As part of the preliminary work, we explore different areas of your company, take notes, and determine angles and scenes.

We will definitely include aerial photography in our offer that we will present to you in your promotional film. We never make hour or minute based projects in our indoor shots. We use all our energy in order to get the maximum efficiency with the opportunities provided by the digital environment.

We produce the fastest solution by using all our possibilities for corporate promotional film shooting in Istanbul. Instead of ready-made music, we are only composing and recording for your corporate promotional film with conservatory students.

*You can watch the examples of corporate promotional films we have made so far with pleasure below.

D-resort Göcek Hotel Promotional Film

Saray Muhallebicisi Promotional Film

Rahmi Koç Museum, Divan Agencies Night MFÖ Concert Event Shooting

Academia Viva Student Dormitory Promotional Film

We produce the fastest solution based on your promotional film request. 7/24 You can reach us immediately. Customer Service : 0543 224 4951

We start each new promotional film project with great excitement, and we continue on our way proudly with the positive feedback we receive from you. We have served companies in more than 200 different sectors all over Turkey until today. Let’s create a great promotional film together.

What is the Promotional Film?

Today, one of the most impressive methods of explaining a job correctly is promotional films. With the innovations brought by our age, promotional films, which are the easy way to reach the masses quickly and effectively, have gained a very different dimension with the technological developments. For this reason, reflecting your work on promotional films will help you reach larger audiences.

Promotional film is one of the most effective communication resources that supports visual teaching with auditory teaching. The fact that the videos have a visual richness and at the same time convey the emotions and thoughts of the message to be given by more internalizing, provides retention and reliability, and is one of the biggest factors in the more intense consumption of videos. Another and important factor is that people of the modern age turn to videos, thinking that writing is complex and troublesome.

The basic criteria of preparing a promotional film; is to determine which audience you want to give which message. In the pre-production phase, target audience analyzes can be used to determine the message and audience. According to the results of the analysis, visual designs, music and sound dynamics are created. Necessary planning is made in accordance with the emerging dynamics.

Corporate promotional film preparations are handled in three stages. Respectively; scenario draft (Synopsis), storyboard preparation, team and equipment planning.

Corporate Promotional Film Business Process

  • Storyboard – Preliminary Study
  • In-house detailed video shoots
  • Aerial Drone Shots
  • Supporting interview shots
  • Voiceover Works
  • Creative, post-production service that reflects the theme of the institution
  • Subtitle support in Turkish, English and other languages

Behind-the-Scenes Photos from the Promotional Film Shooting


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