360 Degree Video

360 Degree Video
Especially in recent years, with the advancement of technology, Hotels, Congress Halls, Museums, Constructions, Hospitals, Touristic facilities, Cafes, Restaurants, Municipal streets and streets, Holdings, Workplaces, Markets etc. They have become a common tool for pre-visiting sites. In the presentations made with panoramic videos, it is ensured that the visitor feels like they are in that place with live-moving images. Even if the places to visit and see are in different cities or even in different countries, they are just a click away for the visitor. Since the infrastructure of virtual tours did not take up a lot of space like normal videos, it was easy to visit over the internet. It is very easy to host the high resolution version on a CD-DVD to be exhibited in fairs, exhibitions, congresses, etc. applications. 360 degree video application is carried out with a different technique and equipment than the classical shooting techniques we are used to. After undergoing a series of technological processes with different programs, it is made ready for presentation. The 360-degree video camera captures all the action that is happening around you. The difference from the Virtual Tour is that my image is not virtual, but is lively and animated, reflecting the current environment and action. By keeping the left mouse button pressed, it allows to navigate right-left, up-down, approaching-away. While watching an event or place, imagine that you have eyes on the right, left and back of your head. Virtual Tour is the most efficient, effective and economical method of promoting a place over the internet. Potential customers browsing the place from the internet / local computer with a 360-degree perspective can look around, examine the details they are looking for or want, and have a visual idea of the place without going to the relevant place. With this presentation, the recall rate of the place is much higher. It is more noticeable and has a high impact. Compared to other advertising areas, it is possible to get more effective and permanent results in a shorter time.

Global Video
It brings a new and exciting form to the presentation, promotion of any venue, workplace, town, municipality, district, Museum, exhibition hall or Fair stand.

360 Videos
It is a work that will attract visitors from distant places, bring new customers to your business, attract new visitors to your town/region, conveying the feeling of living the atmosphere, movement and movement, as if entering the buildings and only being there. It creates an incredible awareness for your potential visitors, allowing them to stay a few steps ahead of your peers.

*The quality of the sample 360-degree video has been reduced for faster loading.

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