Our team

Our responsible, dynamic team that carries out our aerial photography works consists of people who love to be in nature, respect human values, have a certain stance towards life and a certain purpose. Our team, which closely follows new technologies, is one of the first organizations in Turkey in drone rental.

Yıldıray Boztepe

Founder, Drone Operator, Director

It carries out project follow-up, customer relations and quality studies. At the same time, he plays an active role in drone shootings and promotional films in the field.

Gürhan Daşçı


He manages the coordination process of the projects. He is also the most experienced drone operator of our team.

Batuhan Şimşekli

Drone Operator, Photographer

Batuhan, who plays an active role in all our processes, works in our Vanlife Digital Agency advertising agency and supports Havadayiz. If you are working with him on a project, you can hand over the whole process to him and see how he has resolved it in a short time with his endless energy.

Kutay Başpınar

Editing and Montage

Programs such as After effects, adobe premiere, final cut pro also help us to offer the fastest and highest quality to our customers with their fast and quality work. Thanks to his interest in drones, there is nothing he can't do with the parrot mambo series mini drones :)

Kübra Boztepe

Administrative Affairs

Kübra takes care of all financial matters. DGCA is responsible for permits, contracts.

If you want to be a part of our team, you can reach us from the contact information below. Friends who want to improve themselves and love nature can contact us.

Our Open Positions

  • Experienced drone operator
  • Videographer
  • Photographer
  • Copy Writer

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