As Havadayiz team, we have arranged the questions asked to us either face-to-face in meetings and interviews, on the phone or via e-mail, together with their answers, and presented them to your attention below. For any questions not listed below, you can contact us at [email protected] and send your questions.

No, technically our equipment does not support this.

Currently, we can record from as high as 1,000 meters with the current technology. The legal maximum altitude in Turkey is 120 meters.

It is 2 km as standard, but upon special request, we can go up to 12 km with boosters. As of 2017, our drones, which are produced with new technology, have a standard range of 7 km.

More than 20km/h wind can pose a risk depending on the shooting area. We perform the shooting by evaluating this speed and afterwards.

Yes, we deliver you a clean and fluent video with standard montage work, along with the original recordings.

We have representative offices in Ankara, Bursa and Izmir. According to the status of our program, we provide aerial photography services all over Turkey.

Yes, we can take aerial video and aerial photography, unless there is heavy snowfall.

Yes, it can be done. Although it is technically possible, it is very difficult to realize this practice with legal regulations today.

The overall structure of the drone, which we call the frame, may be small in size, but in today's technology, even smaller sensors can provide 8-bit fluent quality images. Even a drone like the DJI Mavic pro is quite satisfactory in terms of image quality.

Working with 6 batteries simultaneously, DJI Mavic pro allows aerial shooting with all cameras widely used in the industry, thanks to its perfect compatibility with DJI Ronin mx.

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