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"Drone" Technology in Turkcell Network

Be Sistem Advanced Technologies Inc. It continues to provide the best service with the brand Havadayiz. Details of the News: Turkcell started to use remote-controlled aircraft called "drone" to ensure network quality in areas that are difficult to reach. Recently, drones were used for the first time to measure the vertical coverage quality at the construction sites of the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge and Izmit Bay Bridge.

Drone Rental Service via Havadayiz.com

So what kind of activities can these devices be used for? With the advanced camera equipment on the aircraft, you can have the promotions and commercials of your large and medium-sized projects prepared.

St Construction Materials Magazine September Issue

You can watch a construction project from beginning to end. We regularly archive photos and videos of the project.

Aerial Shooting Campaigns at Havadayiz.com

Aerial photography is one of the most talked about topics of recent times. The most magnificent scenes of promotional films, TV series sets and even movies are now shot from the air with multicopters.

For Aerial Shooting Havadayiz.com

It is a fact that technological developments penetrate deeply into our lives. We closely follow the developing technology day by day in our work, at home and in many areas around us.

New Trend Aerial Shooting

Drones, which are one of the most trendy devices of today, are now frequently seen in aerial scenes, although they were used for hobby purposes at first.
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