Havadayız! thinking,

With its experience in electronics and its success in R&D, Havadayiz team offers real business solutions to its customers by combining its technical skills and knowledge with creativity.

Havadayiz is creative,

Every sales and marketing success is based on a creative idea, a clever designer and successful project management. All of our projects are completely user-oriented and based on life facilitating elements.

Havadayiz is a domestic investor,

As the Havadayiz team, we strive to create an additional added value for our country in terms of production, sales and marketing, and workforce by minimizing foreign dependency.

Havadayiz is innovative,

Our company, which closely follows the developing technology in every aspect, aims to be one of the pioneers of the market by rapidly adapting the latest technological developments to its products, services and solutions.

Havadayiz, customer oriented,

Just like the tailor provides personalized service, our company also offers special R&D and project design services in the light of customer needs and expectations.

Havadayiz’s crew is at everywhere,

It provides a wide range of services and offers versatile solutions.

Havadayiz team is dynamic,

With our young staff and staff understanding, the Havadayiz Team is a candidate to always be at the forefront of the service race, drawing a graph of success and performance.

2 Comments to “ Why Havadayiz?”

  1. Alexander Kyle says :Reply

    Thanks for a detailed page. We want to film a super yacht gocek on 21.07.2023. Can we rent a DJI Inspire 3 without operator at Istanbul? We ll take it only for 2 days.

    1. Hi Alexander,

      In Turkey, regulations don’t allow to rent a drone without operator. You need to get a drone rental service from a company. You can prefer us or search on the internet with “Rent a drone in Istanbul” keywords could give a good result.

      Have a nice day.

      Yildiray Boztepe
      Rent a Drone In Turkey

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