Kocaeli – Darica Heart Gate Aerial Night Shot (HD)

We viewed the Darıca Gönül gate from the air. You can find detailed information about the Heart’s Gate, which we shot from the air, below.

Heart’s Gate
One of the projects that Darıca Mayor Şükrü Karabacak named and implemented with the understanding of “Service is a work of the heart”, the Heart Union Gate at the entrance of Darıca amazes those who see it, above all with its gigantic dimensions. Each of the figures used in this city gate, designed and implemented by Sanat Istanbul, has a special meaning. The gate, which bears traces of the last three great states, including Turkey, which was established in Anatolia, almost screams that Darıca is the gateway from the East to the West. He reminds us that Darıca is the last stop before Istanbul for the Muslim armies that set out for Europe. Darıca Mayor Şükrü Karabacak, who stated that Darıca’s place in our civilization accumulation is important, said, “With this aspect, our Door to the Union of Hearts indicates both the opening of Anatolian civilization to the world and the world’s meeting with Anatolia through Darıca.” said. Referring to the understanding of “You can’t find a heart unless you give your heart,” President Karabacak, who was the heart of the Ottoman and Republican era, raised by the Seljuks, President Karabacak also stated that the Heart Unity Gate, which is the reflection of these civilizations that formed the country’s mosaic, is a part of the vision of “Great Turkey from the past to the future”. expressed.


Each of the star, back-to-back crescents and ornaments standing at the top of the Heart Unity Gate, which is about 10 times higher than a human, has a counterpart. The kündekari embroideries of the door are one of the most precious ornamental arts that have survived from the Seljuk State… The 8-pointed stylized star, known as the architectural symbol of the Seljuk State, is the main part of this ornamental art inside the crescents used on the door, numerically ‘compassion, compassion, patience, It represents the eight virtues of truthfulness, secrecy, loyalty, humility, generosity and gratitude. Crescents, on the other hand, are an expression of the power of the Ottoman Empire, which spanned three continents and ruled a significant part of the world. The star used at the top of the door decoration is the symbol of the Republic and therefore of living together. The positioning of the star at the top indicates the solidity of the foundations of the civilization on which the Republic was built and that it rises above the accumulations of two deep-rooted civilizations.

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